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QTAKE 1.4 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.4. Overflowing with new features. Battle-tested over the past months on the set of Terminator 6, new Avatar and Star Wars. Available for immediate download. New features HDx8 and 4Kx2 QTAKE 1.4 adds support for 8 camera capture, processing and playback,... Read more

QTAKE 1.3.004 now available

Update as of December 22, 2017 We regret to inform you that we are temporarily suspending the download links. Some users encountered a problem when the latest release was used together with a QOD/QOD+. While we are trying to replicate the issue, download of QTAKE release 1.3.004 will be disabled.... Read more

Introducing QTAKE Cloud

This cloud has a lime-green lining. We are happy to introduce QTAKE Cloud: cloud service that works smoothly with major QTAKE applications to enhance their benefits and simplify their use. First service provided by QTAKE Cloud is the Cloud Streaming. One of the most popular QTAKE features in... Read more

QTAKE Server 1.3 now available

Be prepared and upgrade your QTAKE Server installations immediately. QTAKE 1.3 and QTAKE Monitor 3.0 releases will be coming out in a short time and will not be compatible with previous QTAKE Server releases. New features Under-the-hood security improvements: project and server links allow clients... Read more