Our public roadmap outlines some features we are exploring, working on, and releasing. It has always been important to us to listen to your suggestions, but we would like to take it one step further. Vote for features important to you, and let us know what features you would like to see released sooner.

The roadmap is split into three columns to indicate how close a feature is to being released. Every item on the roadmap is labeled with a product name to indicate in which product the feature will be available. If you have any suggestions for new features or comments about the items on the roadmap, let us know.

Important: Even though we are committed to shipping the most requested features first, the circumstances may change over time, and so can this roadmap. It does not represent a binding commitment or obligation to deliver any of the features, nor by any particular date. This forward-looking roadmap is at our sole discretion, and you should not make any purchasing decisions based on it.



  • Multi-Layer Compositing

    Live, resolution‑independent compositing with multiple layers, new layer effects and composite templates replaces existing dual‑layer composite.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Stream Deck Integration

    Plug-in for Stream Deck devices increases possibilities of external QTAKE control using predefined or custom layouts with action feedback.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Multi-View Layout Designer

    New flexible Layout Designer brings unified system of custom video-view configuration templates applicable to both QTAKE UI and GPU OUT.

    QTAKE Pro • QTAKE Monitor

  • Clip FX Animations

    Keyframe animation of any clip effect property offers endless possibilities in creation of on‑set VFX previews and advanced realtime composites.

    QTAKE Pro

  • In-App Communication

    Context‑sensitive messaging and audio/video calls in QTAKE Pro and QTAKE Monitor bring the new level of collaboration on local and cloud‑based projects.

    QTAKE Pro • QTAKE Monitor

  • GPI Hardware Support

    Single channel USB relay integration provides affordable means of automated control for simple external accessories such as thermal fan or tally light.

    QTAKE Pro

  • QTAKE Server Integration

    Embedded QTAKE Server inside QTAKE Pro provides sharing of media and metadata without running two apps, using the same access control UI as streaming.

    QTAKE Pro • QTAKE Server

  • Demo Mode Per Module

    With Demo mode available per module in the License window, users can experience any add‑on functionality while running QTAKE Pro app with their regular license.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Mix & Match Video Boards

    Complete overhaul of the underlying video IO system lets QTAKE users create new hardware configurations using the mix of video cards of different vendors.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Remote Stream/Sync Admin

    Remote admin interface for QTAKE Cloud Stream and QTAKE Cloud Sync gives your production direct control over the user access to valuable assets.

    QTAKE Pro • QTAKE Monitor • QTAKE Cloud

  • Apple Vision Pro Integration

    QTAKE Monitor for visionOS brings unmatched live monitoring and personal playback experience to filmmakers using Apple Vision Pro headset.

    QTAKE Monitor

  • Loupedeck Integration

    Integration with Loupedeck products further expands QTAKE control with external keys and dials mappable to extensive set of commands.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Audio Mixer

    New Audio Mixer brings comprehensive control over all audio inputs and outputs, delays, routing, mixing, and automation in a single interface.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Avid DNx MXF Playback

    Addition of import and playback functionality to existing export of the edit‑ready DNxHD/HR MXF media extends native Avid support in QTAKE Pro.

    QTAKE Pro

In Progress

  • Dolby Vision® iCMU

    Expanded HDR support in QTAKE features tone-mapping technology by Dolby Vision, providing simultaneous SDR output without external CMU device.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Playback Loop Options

    New loop options provide automatic switch to live signal after the specified number of loops is reached in a single or multi-camera playback.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Interpolated off-speed playback

    The updated playback engine simulates slow motion using new frame-blending and optical flow modes when original frame-rate footage is unavailable.

    QTAKE Pro

  • AJA ColorBox Integration

    With its high-quality tetrahedral interpolation, 33-point 3D LUT, and 4K resolution, AJA ColorBox is the finest external color processing device.

    QTAKE Pro

  • Forensic Watermarking

    Using invisible watermark in QTAKE Stream, unauthorized copy of the content can be identified even in case screen is recorded with another device.

    QTAKE Pro • QTAKE Server • QTAKE Cloud • QTAKE Monitor

  • Mute Live Audio Options

    Independent mute options for each audio input, conditional mute when recording or not recording, and expanded control of auto mute live.

    QTAKE Pro


  • Media Management

    Clip list function "Manage Media Files" provides simple way to delete unnecessary local media files for selected clips or move them to another storage. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.1

  • Simplified access management

    The new Users tab in QTAKE Server simplifies access control by removing device management and consolidating all permissions into user roles. Learn more.

    QTAKE Server 2.3

  • Metal Support

    New render engine based on Metal frameworks brings significant performance improvement and future‑proofing both for Intel and Apple Silicon Mac architecture. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.1

  • Macs without Secure Enclave

    QTAKE Pro can now also run on Macs without Secure Enclave chips. However, license deactivation is not possible. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.0.1

  • Unlimited Dock

    Using Bins as a source, new implementation allows users to load multiple Docks, store unlimited number of clips and share them over QTAKE Server/Cloud Sync. Learn more.

    QTAKE Pro 2.1