Ovide Smart Assist M-200

  • All in one system
  • Three versions:
    • Dual (2x SDI in / 6x SDI out)
    • Quad (4x SDI in / 12x SDI out)
    • Octo (8x SDI in / 24x SDI out)
  • Built-in 4K touchscreen
  • Check-in luggage
  • High performance
  • Worldwide streaming
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Ovide Smart Assist M-200

Nebtek NX2

  • Designed by Nebtek and manufactured in the USA
  • The evolution of video assist, now in carbon fiber.
  • More powerful. More performance. More portable.
  • Our most portable, powerful full-featured QTAKE system yet
  • Send video, audio, talkback to 3 villages with SpeakON or XLR
  • 16×16 Video routing
  • VA Mixer audio system with 3 channels of talkback
  • PoE+ Network Component power & fan control
  • 8-channel capture card, QOD+

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nebtek traveler cf