QTAKE 1.4 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.4. Overflowing with new features. Battle-tested over the past months on the set of Terminator 6, new Avatar and Star Wars. Available for immediate download.

New features

HDx8 and 4Kx2

QTAKE 1.4 adds support for 8 camera capture, processing and playback, including dual QOD+ output. X8 module license also unlocks dual 4K version.

Composite recording

In addition to clean foreground and background recording, you can now record “flattened” result of the composite and have it available in a media file without the need for rendering.

Cloud streaming

Streaming over internet to QTAKE Monitor for iOS or macOS to any location worldwide. Essential tool for remote producers and clients.

Two-factor authentication

Protect access to cloud stream with additional security layer, using iOS device as your token.

User guide in UI

Learn QTAKE as you work. Special window inside QTAKE user interface can automatically show selected function.

Stream capture

In addition to regular video card capture, you can now record stream from another QTAKE or NDI® sender.

System device capture

In addition to AJA, BMD and Deltacast video cards, QTAKE can now capture video and audio from any Mac compatible device, such as FaceTime camera.

AJA multi-format input

Kona4, Kona5, Io4K, Io4K+, Corvid44 and Corvid88 support independent format on SDI inputs. Outputs are still locked to a single clock due to AJA hardware limitation.

Task management

All background media file copy and transcode operations are displayed in the TASKS window with an option to pause or cancel each task.

Slave playback

Playback driven by external timecode, known from analog times as “timecode chase”.

Network playback

Projects shared among multiple units using QTAKE Server can now playback media from central storage, instead of making a local copy.

Clip list filters

Filter clips in the LIST using Patch, Cameras, Rating, Take Types, Time, Origin, Units, Source, Bins and Smart Bins.

Multi-clip metadata editing

META window can now be used to edit any metadata field of multiple clips selected in the LIST.

Multi-field metadata search

Most powerful clip search performed by combining multiple conditions. Storable as Smart Bins.

Bins and smart bins

Bins are collections of manually selected clips. Smart Bins are collections of clips dynamically selected using search conditions.

MetaCoder support

MetaCoder is a unique device developed by IN2CORE that allows wireless transmission without losing SDI metadata.


New GPI interface supports multiple commands per input and other advanced features.

… and much more!

CubeMap VR • Media Type selector • Skip Time buttons • Multi-view and multi-clip screenshots • Drop-down menus • Automatic Shoot Day entry • Metadata group colors • AJA Io4K Plus support • UI monitor color calibration support • International keyboard layouts support • Download clips from Moxion using QTAKE Server • Notifications about downloaded Moxion clips • Support for NDI input with alpha channel • Shoot Day export range option • H264 to ProRes conversion on import • Audio output volume indication • QOD audio output volume and mute control • Mouse scroll support inside sliders • Altogether 300+ new features, improvements and bug fixes.


To download QTAKE 1.4, contact us or your local reseller.
If you are unsure about upgrading from QTAKE 1.3, check the online user manual for more details.

Software requirements

Recommended macOS and drivers versions – as well as other useful information – can now be found in the online user manual which is continually updated to reflect the most recent guidance.