Remote filmmaking: how film sets operate now

“Tech such as QTAKE are now being used to facilitate the remote export of creativity of a director, along with the supervision of the client, without having to step on to a physical film set,” says Sarkar. This is the new reality — of remote filming, which is growing in popularity worldwide in these times of quarantining and social distancing. Read more.

QTAKE: The software system behind ‘Avatar 2’

“In addition to QTAKE Cloud Stream, which delivers live feeds during filming, we already offer independent playback and metadata collaboration via a service called QTAKE Cloud Sync. This means any approved user can access clips and notes from the set and send feedback.” Read more.

Covid-19 forces global approach to advert

“On shoot days we used QTAKE, Zoom and WhatsApp to ensure that everyone was constantly connected throughout the shoot, and enabling the crew on the ground to implement Taika Waititi’s direction immediately, and me to get quick feedback and sign-offs from the agency,” producer Hannah Stone said. Read more.

The AD of the Pandemic Film Don’t Fear on the COVID-19 Protocols

“First, we let the director and cast have the set to themselves. Then we brought in a camera, the DoP and the 1st AC to drop marks. Everyone else watched via QTAKE. When the set was ready, the cast returned. Everyone else remained off set, watching on QTAKE. When everyone was happy, the cast removed their PPE, and the set was closed.” Read more.