QTAKE 1.3.004 now available

Update as of December 22, 2017

We regret to inform you that we are temporarily suspending the download links. Some users encountered a problem when the latest release was used together with a QOD/QOD+. While we are trying to replicate the issue, download of QTAKE release 1.3.004 will be disabled. If you have already downloaded QTAKE 1.3.004, please do not install it and stay on your current version. Please accept our appologies for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Tech Support. We are available to you also during the holiday season.

Original post as of December 21, 2017

We have just released QTAKE version 1.3.004. It brings a lot of new features and improvements, such as the new dongle driver installer, streaming over internet for QTAKE Server users, QOD+ support for USB-C and many other.

New features

  • New dongle driver installer
  • New QOD firmware with USB-C support
  • Added streaming over internet (requires QTAKE Server license)
  • Added support for 4x AJA cards in QTAKE HDx4
  • Added GPU-OUT to Videohub Live Pass
  • Added support for single 4K GPU-OUT
  • Added switch to show processed thumbnails
  • Added VERTICAL mask and frame-lines
  • Added QOD temperature to STATUS Bar
  • Added storing expanded groups in the META window
  • Scaling GUI now works without restarting QTAKE
  • AUTO MUTE LIVE options moved to new popup window
  • Added ability to playback sequence in other rooms
  • Added TC Start, TC End and Duration to metadata fields
  • Added support for Mo-Sys StarTracker
  • Improved speed of deleting multiple clips
  • Added multiple clip selection using Shift and Cmd keys
  • Added multiple in/out range support for CGI clips
  • Added DEMUX option to non-3D GPU-OUT
  • Improved speed of media file check
  • Added button for sending a project link
  • Double click to start AUTO SLIDER, single click to stop it
  • Added support for LIVE clip selection in the LIST
  • Added possibility to use for F-keys as shortcuts
  • New clip function selector in the LIST window
  • Added support for BMD Desktop Video 10.9.5 drivers
  • Added support for BMD Videohub 6.3.3 drivers
  • Added support for two-finger horizontal scroll in the LIST
  • Added support for F-keys as shortcuts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed known crashes
  • Fixed device names when using multiple audio interfaces
  • Fixed PLUS 3D from VIEW 2 and 4 when using SBS source
  • Fixed HUE field value change in the CHROMA KEY
  • Fixed SHOT field value change in the DATA menu box
  • Fixed display of SLATE in the Browser and OSD for UK slating
  • Fixed illegal characters in the screenshot filename
  • Fixed ALE export
  • Fixed timecode parsing from some QuickTime files
  • Fixed GPU-OUT for SBS source
  • Fixed SUB-TAKE redraw in the CLIP menu box
  • Fixed statistics display for CGI clips
  • Fixed input/output 2 for BMD Decklink Duo 2
  • Fixed live audio delay on Deltacast embedded audio
  • Fixed offspeed clips in the sequence
  • Fixed missing REGISTER button in the LICENSE window
  • Fixed AUTO SLIDER issues
  • Fixed issues with CURVES display in the FX window
  • Fixed AJA KUMO packets timeout
  • Fixed genlock switch to VIDEO IN when V-OUT is turned off
  • Fixed noise on the bottom of the AJA Kona 3G output
  • Fixed incorrect speed in the OSD when using reverse pulldown
  • Fixed PLAY SYNC with off-speed clips
  • Fixed audio output after closing the WEB view
  • Fixed randomly stopping LOOP playback
  • Fixed Free_Genlock_For_Playback for 2nd Kona LHi
  • Fixed illegal characters in QTAKE XML Export
  • Fixed GPU OUT in the STUDIO room
  • Fixed render proxy with some h264 source files
  • Fixed bad chapter positions during 1080p24 recording
  • Fixed reloading of RAMP clips
  • Fixed RAMP on subclips
  • Fixed UI when adding custom metadata choices
  • Fixed loading LUTs with uppercase filename extension
  • Fixed deleting rehearsals
  • Fixed playhead jump after editing in/out range
  • Fixed log window scroll size
  • Fixed subclips of remote clips
  • Fixed play sync of remote clips
  • Fixed shortcut for SEARCH field in the LIST window
  • Fixed 1080p59.94 input with BMD Decklink Quad 2
  • Fixed LIST window refresh after editing NOTE
  • Fixed empty source in the timecode track
  • Fixed EDL export of the STUDIO timeline
  • Fixed download progress for ProRes files
  • Fixed export to HD-only codecs
  • Fixed ALE export
  • Fixed timecode from RED camera proxy clips
  • Fixed unloading current project when deleting other project
  • Fixed Use_Free_Genlock_For_Playback for 2nd Kona LHi
  • Fixed random stop of the looping playback

Software requirements

  • OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or higher required, macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) recommended
  • AJA driver 12.5.1, BMD driver 10.9.5, Deltacast driver 6.04
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