QTAKE 1.4.008 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.4.008.

New features

  • Added ScreenPort SDI support
  • Added LOOK effect for Pomfort LiveGrade integration
  • Added Sony Venice support
  • Added 4K DCI support for QOD+
  • Added 48 FPS support for QOD+
  • Added automatic saving and loading of Clip List filters
  • Added QTAKE Server license expiration warning
  • Added Fusion 3D rig support
  • Improved 3D playback sync
  • Improved QTAKE 4K performance

Known issues

Apple MacBookPro with Vega 20 GPU can produce kernel panic or other issues when used with external 4K monitor, including QOD+. Please refrain from using this device for operating QTAKE until further notice.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed known crashes
  • Fixed flickering input on BMD Decklink 8K Pro
  • Fixed invalid character in QTAKE XML Export
  • Fixed QTAKE XML Export with non-local media files
  • Fixed Roll, Reel, Filter and Focus Distance data from MetaCoder
  • Fixed View Control in clip effects
  • Fixed sync offset when using media with different timescale
  • Fixed automatic input format change
  • Fixed applying effects to Browser thumbnails
  • Fixed cancel in the Patch Input window
  • Fixed AJA Kona LHi issues
  • Fixed QOD audio settings in GPU Output window
  • Fixed QOD pulldown removal in GPU Output window
  • Fixed dual QOD issues
  • Fixed AVID export issues
  • Fixed NDI output issues
  • Fixed missing audio with recording started during playback
  • Fixed constant playout with BMD Decklink Quad 2
  • Fixed sending clips to sequence from Browser
  • Fixed play sync offset issues
  • Fixed composite loading in QTAKE HDx8
  • Fixed issues with master / slave mode
  • Fixed issues with opening of some projects
  • Fixed recording 2nd composite in HDx4

Software requirements

See the online QTAKE Manual.


To download QTAKE 1.4.008 contact us or your local reseller.
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