QTAKE 1.4.010 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.4.010.
This is most probably the last 1.4.xxx version before releasing QTAKE 1.5, together with QTAKE Server 2.0 and QTAKE Monitor 4.0 later this month.

New features

  • Added UNIT picker field in the project window
  • Added MATTE option to DVE clip effect

Known issues

MacBook Pro with Vega 20 GPU

Although the issue itself has not yet been fixed by Apple, QTAKE 1.4.010 provides a workaround which makes MacBook Pro with Vega 20 GPU safe to use even with external 4K output, such as QOD+.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when using TALKBACK feature
  • Fixed crash when using TASKS window
  • Fixed LIVE PASS issues when using videohub presets
  • Fixed issues when using multiple streams from QTAKE
  • Fixed AJA audio output when using Constant Playout
  • Fixed Deltacast SDI metadata extraction from PsF formats
  • Fixed possible audio stutter on loop point
  • Fixed issue when using Apple AirPods for talkback
  • Fixed video stutter in EDIT room
  • Fixed missing thumbnails for sequence clips
  • Fixes storing of selected scene and shot in the browser
  • Fixed calculation of the SHOOT DAY value
  • Fixed metadata choices for reference fields
  • Fixed issues with background tasks after restart
  • Fixed automatic scrolling of LIST window
  • Fixed issue when storing temporary CMF
  • Fixed LUMA KEY brightening background
  • Fixed authorization request when using system camera
  • Fixed network LINK issues
  • Fixed minor UI issues

Software requirements

See the online QTAKE Manual.


To download QTAKE 1.4.010, contact us or your local reseller.
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