Press release: 4-cam QTAKE HD supports Matrox Multi family of I/O cards

IN2CORE announced launch of 4-cam version of QTAKE HD. Thanks to advanced video cards like Matrox® MultiTM-Ingest and Multi-Playback, QTAKE HDx4 can record and playback 4 cameras in full HD. “We have cooperated closely with Matrox to allow integration with our software and it paid off.” said Vlado Struhar, director of IN2CORE. “One of the…

QTAKE HD at NAB 2012

Visit NEBTEK booth C12146 at NAB 2012 in Las Vegas, to see new QTAKE HD in action. Update: And for those of you who missed the opportunity, we have few pictures (courtesy of NEBTEK).

QTAKE 3D Control now available on App Store

We have implemented UDP based remote control protocol to allow integration with 3rd party systems. This protocol is used in QTAKE 3D Control iOS application to remotely pull post-convergence on parallel 3d rig shots. You can buy the app here.  

QTVR support coming to QTAKE HD

We have implemented QuickTime Virtual Reality file format support into QTAKE HD Advanced Video Assist software. QTVR panoramic images allow users to select viewing angle using nodal pan, tilt and zoom control. Using our XML based network protocol, viewing angle can be controlled remotely. Paired with motion control rig, this feature can provide realtime background rendering for…

QTAKE HD introduces MUXER module

We are happy to announce immediate availability of the new MUXER module for QTAKE HDx2. MUXER enables recording of two 3D rigs using 2x AJA Kona3 (available now) or Matrox Multi Ingest card (available July 2010). It captures side-by-side 3D clip for each rig, with independent camera flip, convergence settings and autoscaling. Furthermore, you can…