New licensing structure of QTAKE Server

QTAKE Server has always stood for on-set collaboration (local network only). With QTAKE Server, each crew member can playback clips independently, add notes, rate clips, and collaborate in many other ways through metadata or drawing. QTAKE functionality is now separated into new modules allowing... Read more

QTAKE 1.5.006 and QTAKE Server 2.0.3 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.5.006 and QTAKE Server 2.0.3. If you are using QTAKE Cloud Stream, you are required to install this update – otherwise cloud streaming will not work on your system from April 30, 2020. One of the exciting new features of QTAKE is the SCREEN input, which... Read more

New pricing of QTAKE Cloud Stream

As announced last week, we have decoupled QTAKE Server licensing from QTAKE Cloud Streaming. The new pricing is effective as of today and here are some useful information to help you navigate through the change. Please note this change also impacts the use of QTAKE Rental Shop for all users. From... Read more

QTAKE Server pricing change

Please be advised that the price of QTAKE Server license has been significantly increased. As you know QTAKE Cloud Stream is bundled within the QTAKE Server license, which was priced at $300 per month – low enough to allow every single production to use it. However, this license also allowed you... Read more