QTAKE 1.6.004 now available

We have just released QTAKE 1.6.004, please update your installations. New in QTAKE 1.6.004. Recording streams without recompression. When recording input from ScreenPort SDI or another QTAKE, users can now select the “Passthrough” codec option, which will store the video track in the native... Read more

QTAKE 1.6.002 now available

We have just released QTAKE 1.6.002, please update your installations. New in QTAKE 1.6.002 Improved streaming from QTAKE to QTAKE Similar to QTAKE Monitor, QTAKE Video Assist now takes advantage of the sophisticated stream receiving engine, which provides a smooth result even with suboptimal... Read more

QTAKE Cloud Stream for PC/Android now available

We are happy to announce the new web browser version of QTAKE Cloud Stream. The web-based stream from QTAKE Cloud features the same ultra-low latency, multi-camera support, frame-based metadata, and other features known from QTAKE Monitor. Web stream opens the first-class streaming experience to PC... Read more

QTAKE Monitor vs. web stream features

QTAKE Monitor, our free client-side app, is available on all Apple platforms: iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS. With the introduction of the web stream, even non-Apple users can now monitor their projects on any device. 1. Requires a compatible web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera). 2.... Read more

QTAKE 1.6 now available

Most of the new functionality is dedicated to streaming. QTAKE Stream was designed specifically for professional filmmakers and gained worldwide praise for its ultra-low latency, frame-based metadata support, and studio-grade security. We are taking it to a new level with some great new features... Read more