QTAKE 1.6.008 and QTAKE Server 2.2.2 now available

We have just released QTAKE 1.6.008 and QTAKE Server 2.2.2, please update your installations.

Please note QTAKE 1.6.008 requires dongle driver 8.31.

New in QTAKE 1.6.008

AJA Io X3 support

New Io X3 video card from AJA Video Systems is now supported as a full-duplex 2-channel video device (limited to a single output format) or in a 4-input configuration, which can be combined with QOD+ for truly independent I/O channels in QTAKE HDx4.


Also new in QTAKE 1.6.008

  • Improved Episode filter in the Export window
  • Added reset to default color space in Media toolbar
  • Added QOD firmware v113
  • Color Space change in Media toolbar propagated to RAW settings
  • Disabled ranges are now visible in Time Slider
  • All connected dongles now added to license renewal dialog
  • Added support for AJA Corvid 44 12G
  • Added warning about QTAKE Pro running in parallel
  • Bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements

New in QTAKE Server 2.2.1-2.2.2

User invitations via email and push notifications

QTAKE Server administrators can now approve users ahead of time by sharing project links. Once the invited users successfully connect and open the project, they are granted access without any further interaction from the administrator. Even better, users can be invited by sending them a link to the central server or QTAKE Cloud Sync, direct from the on-set QTAKE Server installation.

QTAKE Server user invitation

Also new in QTAKE Server 2.2.1 – 2.2.2

  • Support for ShotGrid sites via fully qualified domain names
  • Improved metadata upload to Moxion
  • Updated dongle driver to version 8.23
  • Support for entering fully-qualified domain names for Moxion integrations
  • Support for downloading watermarked assets from Moxion
  • Added QTAKE Operator in/out ranges with a note to PDF export
  • Improved automatic reconnection when connections are dropped
  • Logged in user is now added with the Admin role when creating a new project
  • Bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements


To download QTAKE 1.6.008 or QTAKE Server 2.2.2, contact us or your local reseller.
To access the online user manual, click here.