How QTAKE ecosystem helps remote workflows

We have received an enormous number of requests over the past week, asking for advice on how the QTAKE ecosystem can help with remote workflows. The demand for remote workflows has skyrocketed and the requests keep coming not only from QTAKE operators, but also productions, agencies and postproduction studios. If you would like to quickly adapt to the new situation, read further about how the QTAKE ecosystem can help your projects.

Cloud Streaming

Now an industry-standard, QTAKE STREAM module in combination with the free client-side QTAKE Monitor application allows stream of live views to up to 16 users. QTAKE Cloud extends the functionality of the QTAKE STREAM module to reach past the local network. To anywhere in the world, over a secure, encrypted connection. It is a superior solution to other currently available options, because it can stream up to 8 cameras with metadata from a single QTAKE system to all Apple platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS).

Sample use cases

• Production team in the US can watch the live stream from a film set in New Zealand.
• Multiple film units in different countries can stream one to another to provide instant feedback.
• Producer in their office can monitor multiple productions using our simple Apple TV app.
• Director can attend a remote editing session using bi-directional streaming.


• QTAKE Video Assist v1.4 or higher (the current version is 1.5.002).
• At least BASE + STREAM + SERVER license.
• Reliable internet connection on the stream-sending location.

UPDATE AS OF APRIL 29, 2020: SERVER license is no longer required for cloud streaming. Instead of the SERVER license, you will need to purchase streaming data. Learn more.


• See the online user manual.

Cloud Sync

QTAKE Cloud Sync allows seamless sharing of media and metadata, even across multiple units, located anywhere. Access all recorded takes and rehearsals using the same QTAKE Monitor app for iOS devices. QTAKE Cloud Sync simply brings your favourite QTAKE Server features to the cloud.

Sample use cases

• Production can’t watch the live stream because of the time difference.
• Director is too busy to watch the live stream on set, but can do it on the way to the hotel.
• Editorial needs the director in a remote location to review a sequence.


• In addition to the standard QTAKE Server license, you will also need to rent the QTAKE Cloud service to provide synchronization over the internet and to serve your internet clients. This is an on-demand service which costs 1.100 USD monthly (1.000 EUR). It is not available in the Rental Shop, therefore please contact our customer service to place an order or our tech support for more information.
• If your project also requires you to sync QTAKE media and metadata with, don’t forget to add the QTAKE Server PRO module to your order.


• QTAKE Cloud service requires zero configuration. We will take care of your installation and get you started instantly.

What’s New

If you have already had a chance to deploy our remote workflows, you might be delighted to know that we have been working on some improvements recently:
• QTAKE Monitor for AppleTV now supports up to 9 simultaneous cloud streams.
• QTAKE Server PRO module now expands QTAKE Streaming to up to 160 clients!