New pricing of QTAKE Cloud Stream

As announced last week, we have decoupled QTAKE Server licensing from QTAKE Cloud Streaming. The new pricing is effective as of today and here are some useful information to help you navigate through the change.

Please note this change also impacts the use of QTAKE Rental Shop for all users. From now on, you will only need one account to log in to all QTAKE related services. Your QTAKE Cloud account becomes your QTAKE ID and has to be used to log in to the QTAKE Rental Shop as well.

QTAKE Server – as an on-set collaboration tool – will also go through some changes in the near future, therefore rentals of QTAKE Server and its DIT module can temporarily be ordered only by contacting us or your local reseller. PRO module is still available for online rentals, so you can use it to expand the local streaming limit from 16 to up to 160 devices.

Many of you are also asking about a cloud version of QTAKE Server. If you haven’t yet checked the new QTAKE Cloud website, we encourage you to do it to learn more about both QTAKE Cloud Stream and QTAKE Cloud Sync. Terms of the QTAKE Cloud Sync service remain unchanged and it can still be ordered as an on-demand & zero-configuration service by contacting us or your local reseller.

QTAKE Cloud Stream pay-per-data pricing model

  • Valid as of April 29, 2020.
  • Doesn’t require an active QTAKE Server license anymore, use data credits instead.
  • Data credits can be purchased in the Rental Shop, learn how. Prices range from $20 for 10 GB to $15,000 for 20 TB of data. Purchased data never expire.
  • Data transfers between user accounts will be introduced soon.
  • To ease the transition to the new pricing model, we are providing you with two useful tools: data-rate calculator in the Rental Shop and realtime statistics in QTAKE to help you adjust streaming quality or number of clients.
  • Compatible QTAKE version is 1.5.006 which will be released today in a few hours.

TIP: If you want to play around with cloud streaming, purchase just a small amount of data in the Rental Shop (e.g. 10 GB for $20), and what you don’t spend during testing can be used for future projects.

TIP: Don’t forget that even though the pricing model has changed, what makes QTAKE Cloud the directors’ top choice for remote workflows remains the same. Unlike other generic streaming or file sharing services, it has been built as a dedicated tool for professional filmmakers with an unmatched feature set. Ultra low latency, Hollywood-grade security and extensive collaboration possibilities – are just a few of the favorite ones.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 11, 2020: From now on, you can transfer purchased streaming data to any QTAKE ID. Learn how.