QTAKE 1.5.004 and QTAKE Server 2.0.2 now available

First of all, we hope all of you are safe and healthy. We know the times are difficult and that majority of the projects have been cancelled. We will do our best to support you as usual while most of our staff is working from home. We can assure you that we are still focused on developing future-proof solutions, that will come handy once this though period is over. If you have some free time now – download the updates, keep your rigs up-to-date, learn how to use the new features, stay prepared for brighter tomorrows.

  • Dig into our online user manual.
  • Request the demo version which has now been made publicly available. While it does have the same limitations as the trial version, it will not expire after 21 days.
  • Check out this series of live webinars on Ovide’s Facebook page.

The most requested feature these days – the cloud streaming – has got some improvements which will simplify its use for you and your clients.

QTAKE Cloud Stream Invite

We are introducing completely new UI for inviting cloud stream clients. No more copying links. Just enter client’s email and QTAKE Cloud will take care of the rest: it will send smartly composed email with addressed content and push notification, if applicable. Check out how simple it is for you and your clients:

QTAKE Cloud Stream Bitrate

Stream Setup window will now show you the current cloud stream bitrate and the maximum of last two minutes. Compare this value to your internet upload speed and adjust stream encoder quality or resolution accordingly.

New in QTAKE 1.5.004

  • Added Cloud Stream invite
  • Added Trash Bin to allow undeleting of clips
  • Added separate H.264 Proxy storage option
  • Added cloud stream bitrate monitoring
  • Added auxiliary files to Show In Finder function
  • Added Transcode To ProRes function to List
  • Improved performance of the multi-clip selection
  • Improved H.264 export to allow scrubbing

Bug fixes in QTAKE 1.5.004

  • Fixed UI glitches
  • Fixed AJA Io4K Plus 4K mode input
  • Fixed XRite Color Checker clip effect
  • Fixed LTC timecode inputFor Smart Assist EVO 2
  • Fixed autoload user logging into QTAKE Cloud
  • Fixed copying Scene metadataFor new camera
  • Fixed updating and deleting of metadata choices
  • Fixed matching and syncing of external audio
  • Fixed transcoding of ScreenPort recorded media
  • Fixed media timecode propertiesFor PROXY renders
  • Fixed Auto LUT update
  • Fixed pipeline export with compressed ARRI Raw (.ARX)
  • Fixed pipeline exportFor various audio channel count
  • Fixed FCPX export with nonstandard media
  • Fixed FCPX exportFor various audio channel count
  • Fixed handling connection loss in the Stream toolbar
  • Fixed Unit metadata resetting
  • Fixed clip metadata in the composite recording
  • Fixed crash with NDI
  • Fixed known stability issues

New in QTAKE Server 2.0.2

  • Added logging of user and device approval
  • Fixed an issue with QTAKE Cloud login when entering an email with uppercase letters
  • Fixed incorrectly showing Trial status when no license is installed (trial is not available)

Download links

To download QTAKE 1.5.004 and QTAKE Server 2.0.2 contact us or your local reseller.