QTAKE at IBC 2023 – booth 12.H35

Join us in Amsterdam, Netherlands from Sep 15 – Sep 18, 2023, for a demo of the new ScreenPort Pro device, current QTAKE Pro 2.1 and the upcoming QTAKE Pro 2.2 release, test the new, immediate activation of QTAKE Cloud Sync under the Flat & Flexi models, and enjoy the special offer. Visit booth 12.H35 QTAKE & Ovide during the show hours or book a spot for an uninterrupted experience.

QTAKE Pro 2.1

The most powerful release of QTAKE Pro yet, with a new Metal engine, enhanced HDR support in QTAKE UI and QOD+, local media management, unlimited dock, and more! Learn about QTAKE Pro 2.1.

QTAKE Pro 2.2 preview

Coming in Q4/2023, the next release of QTAKE Pro will bring a new set of significant features.

Forensic Watermarking

One of the top features requested by Hollywood studios, provided by the industry leader in content protection will add an imperceptible, yet robust forensic watermark on your QTAKE assets. Thanks to this new cooperation, the pre-release content will be protected right from the moment of its creation. Learn more or visit NAGRA booth 1.C81 for a first-hand discussion about watermark detection.

Dolby Vision® Playback

Currently, QTAKE can perform real-time analysis and output Dolby Vision over SDI, HDMI, and streaming from QTAKE to QTAKE. With the new release, QTAKE will support various playback modes using shot-based Dolby Vision metadata (range average, clip average, hero frame), as well as Internal Content Mapping Unit (iCMU) with Trim Controls.

HDR to SDR Mapping

With the new release, if there are both HDR and SDR monitors on set, QTAKE will be able to convert the HDR content to SDR using precise Dolby Vision tone mapping.

AJA ColorBox Support

QTAKE natively controls ColorBox as an external real-time color processor utilizing the 33pt. 3D LUT and up to 4K/UltraHD resolution within AJA Color Pipeline (ACP) mode, to provide support for the highest quality, zero-latency, external color processing device currently available in QTAKE.

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QTAKE Cloud Sync

More flexibility in QTAKE Cloud Sync

The recent update focuses on licensing flexibility and activation simplicity. In addition to the existing “Flat” pricing model with fixed weekly and monthly rates, we’ve introduced a new, usage-based “Flexi” model, starting at 20 credits per day of service. Charge your account with credits, choose the right licensing model for your project, and go. Learn more.


ScreenPort SDI Pro

The new model of ScreenPort is now shipping! Camera-to-cloud workflow which includes metadata and supports a bi-directional flow of information is the specialty of ScreenPort SDI Pro. Come see it in action and check our setup.
Learn more about ScreenPort SDI Pro or contact us for a quote.

ScreenPort SDI+

The upcoming ScreenPort SDI Pro is not superseding the popular “orange box”. On the contrary! ScreenPort SDI+ is dedicated to a different use case and intended to be connected to your iOS device or a Mac for SDI capture, while the rugged metal ScreenPort SDI Pro is designed to sit directly on the camera. Come chat with us about the right model choice. Learn more about ScreenPort SDI+ or contact us for a quote.

ScreenPort SDK

Now that the first version of the ScreenPort SDK has been released, you can start building your own apps to capture SDI using the unique ScreenPort devices. Learn more.


IBC Special

Claim 30% off any 1-year or 3-year QTAKE Pro rental plan, valid on custom bundles or standalone modules, until the end of September 2023. Contact us or your reseller for more information.

Beer Night on Saturday

Grab a few drinks with QTAKE and fellow QTAKE operators.
After the show hours, in a cozy Dutch pub across the street from RAI Amsterdam.