Introducing QTAKE Cloud

This cloud has a lime-green lining. We are happy to introduce QTAKE Cloud: cloud service that works smoothly with major QTAKE applications to enhance their benefits and simplify their use. First service provided by QTAKE Cloud is the Cloud Streaming.

QTAKE Cloud Streaming

One of the most popular QTAKE features in general is streaming. QTAKE Cloud extends the streaming functionality of the QTAKE STREAM module to reach past the local network. It allows users to connect using the QTAKE Monitor application by simply clicking a project link provided by the QTAKE operator. From anywhere in the world, over a secure, encrypted connection. Easy as that, no other configuration required. Even if the user is connecting from a restrictive network or from behind a firewall. So a single Mac or iPad of a Hollywood-based Executive Producer can show 2 cams from main unit and 2 cams from 2nd unit (or any other combination) while they are a filming on the other side of the Earth.

QTAKE Cloud Streaming is a superior solution to currently available options, because it not only allows to stream multiple streams including metadata, but also the client-side application QTAKE Monitor is much more advanced than currently available competitive viewers.

Learn more about how to set up Cloud Streaming.


QTAKE Cloud will be officially launched at IBC 2017.
Additional QTAKE Cloud applications & services will be added in the near future.


Cloud streaming from QTAKE requires active QTAKE Stream module license (rental price starting at 25$/day, cost-effective permanent license available) plus a QTAKE SERVER license (starting at 30$/day, discounted long-term rentals available).