QTAKE Certification Program opened

Today, IN2CORE opened the QTAKE Certification Program (QCP) to promote services of top-level QTAKE operators. At the same time, IN2CORE appointed OVIDE as main administrator to manage the QCP, including sales, marketing and certification development.

“We are confident to choose OVIDE as our strategic partner for the QCP. For several years already, OVIDE has helped to spread the knowledge of QTAKE in group trainings around the world and to raise QTAKE’s reputation and credit in the filmmaking industry. We look forward to elevate the expertise of QTAKE users to a new level thanks to the QCP and OVIDE.” said Dagmar Struharova, CEO of IN2CORE.

“We are excited to further strengthen our relationship with IN2CORE, which started 4 years ago with the introduction of the first Smart Assist units that are now shooting worldwide. QTAKE certification program is a recurring request of operators and those willing to switch to what is probably the best solution to video assist on set.” said Sergi O. Maudet, CTO of Ovide.

QCP will be held during special training sessions (sign-up required) and it will cover a three-module certification:

  • QTAKE Video Assist,
  • QTAKE Stream & QTAKE Server,

QCP modules will vary by location, based on the popularity within the local market. Final hands-on exam must be successfully passed in order to receive the QCP Certificate. Certified QTAKE operators will be listed on the QTAKE website to simplify the verification of authenticity for e.g. the production and employers.

More information about the QCP as well as the list of upcoming QCP sessions can be found on the OVIDE website.
First sessions will be held in South Africa during May 16th, 2017 (Johannesburg) and May 18th, 2017 (Cape Town).