QTAKE Server pricing change

Please be advised that the price of QTAKE Server license has been significantly increased. As you know QTAKE Cloud Stream is bundled within the QTAKE Server license, which was priced at $300 per month – low enough to allow every single production to use it. However, this license also allowed you to stream 4 cameras to 16 remote users at unlimited bitrate – without charging you for transferred data (streaming this way would cost you $26,000 per month using comparable streaming service provider). Rather than turning off the stream, we decided to raise the prices to compensate for the loss.

But this is just a temporary measure that is not fit for either side. We have decided to change the cloud stream pricing completely into a pay-per-data model. We believe this is the only fair model that should have been used from the beginning. Please give us a few more days to make this change.

Thank you for your support.