QTAKE Monitor feature availability chart

QTAKE Monitor, our free client-side monitoring app, is available on all Apple platforms: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS. If you are in a situation to pick one from several or all of them, which one would you choose?


iOS & iPadOS



macOS (Legacy)

OS Version Required12.210.15 Catalina12.210.12 Sierra
QTAKE Stream
QTAKE Cloud Stream
Two-Factor Authentication
End-to-End Encryption
Maximum Simultaneous Streams4494 per window
Clip Metadata
Local Talkback
Cloud Talkback
HEVC Streaming
VR Support
Device Orientation-Controlled VR
Mask, DVE
Independent Playback
Full Metadata Access
Metadata Collaboration
User In-Out Ranges
Drawing & Annotation
PDF Reports
Remote Control of QTAKE
QTAKE Server Administration
ScreenPort over Network
ScreenPort over USB/Lightning
Recording from ScreenPort