QTAKE Monitor 4.2 for macOS and QTAKE Server 2.1 now available

The new version of QTAKE Monitor for macOS has been recently released, and today, we have officially released QTAKE Server 2.1 with its new licensing structure. Before digging into the information about the new releases, there is one important thing we would like to share with you:

QTAKE Cloud Stream End-to-End Encryption

  • When streaming from QTAKE 1.5.006 and above, all versions of QTAKE Monitor feature sophisticated end-to-end stream encryption. End-to-end encryption builds on top of the previously used AES encryption to guarantee that no one – except approved clients – can decrypt the stream, including QTAKE Cloud itself.
  • Unlike other available solutions, QTAKE Cloud Stream end-to-end encryption does not require setting up a passphrase or any manual configuration. It takes advantage of private keys stored securely in the system keychain and asymmetric cryptography for authenticated key exchange with verified QTAKE Cloud accounts, so you always know who you are streaming to.

QTAKE Monitor 4.2 for macOS

  • The full-featured version of QTAKE Monitor is now available for macOS in version 4.2. This includes independent playback from QTAKE Server, full metadata access and collaboration, drawing, annotation, and talkback over QTAKE Cloud with support for wireless headsets (including AirPods). Version 4.2 requires macOS Catalina.
  • To allow users on previous versions of macOS to continue using QTAKE Stream, version 1.5 was renamed to QTAKE Monitor (Legacy) and is still available on the Mac App Store.
  • To ease the use of QTAKE Monitor on all platforms, we have also made available a separate online user manual and this handy feature availability chart.

QTAKE Server 2.1

  • This is a required update for all QTAKE Server users.
  • Introduces a new licensing structure starting with the SYNC module, which can be extended with additional features via add-on modules. Learn more.
  • All modules are now also available in the Rental Shop.
  • TIP: If you want to extend the reach of QTAKE Server past the local network for remote workflows, use the QTAKE Cloud Service.