New licensing structure of QTAKE Server

QTAKE Server has always stood for on-set collaboration (local network only). With QTAKE Server, each crew member can playback clips independently, add notes, rate clips, and collaborate in many other ways through metadata or drawing. QTAKE functionality is now separated into new modules allowing users to optimize the cost of the license.

The new licensing model is available in QTAKE Server 2.1, released today. Update to the new version is required for all QTAKE Server users.


SYNC module NEW

This is the base, mandatory module of the QTAKE Server application. It is used to serve local network clients, import or export clips and optionally connect to QTAKE Cloud Sync. When using only the SYNC module, QTAKE Server is limited to a single active project.

IO module NEW

This module is used to integrate with 3rd party services. New clip metadata and proxy media will be immediately uploaded to Moxion or Shotgun to keep their users automatically up to date.

PRO module NEW

This module allows you to synchronize other clip media types, such as ProRes, DNxHD, RAW, etc. As you will notice in the Rental Shop, the PRO module of QTAKE Server is shared with QTAKE Video Assist. In the case of QTAKE, it extends streaming to 160 clients. The PRO module will have even more variable use in the future, with selected features aimed at the most advanced QTAKE users.

AVID module

This module adds AVID export functionality to QTAKE Server. In addition to native DNxHD/DNxHR® transcoding, it provides export of the complete clip metadata using ALE files. Please note that only monthly rental rates are available.

DIT module

This module provides standalone operation of QTAKE Server, independent of QTAKE Video Assist. It is recommended for DITs who want to provide on-set iPad access to dailies.


The trial version of QTAKE Server is available as an NFR version. It is being distributed together with new QTAKE Server releases via our newsletter. If you are not subscribed to the newsletters, subscribe here or contact us.


All modules will be available in the Rental Shop as of today. If you are interested in the discounted yearly rental rates, please contact us or your reseller.


To learn how QTAKE Server works, please read the online manual. If you can’t find the answer in the manual, create a ticket and we will reply as soon as possible.