QTAKE 1.5.018 now available

Please update your installations.

QTAKE 1-5-018 banner

New in QTAKE 1.5.018

Network Bonding

When working on a location with limited internet bandwidth, you can use QTAKE network bonding as a solution. Bonding multiple slow connections can create one fast connection, sufficient to handle bitrate of your outgoing streams. But instead of getting a dedicated bonding router and paying extra for this service, you can now use built-in network bonding in QTAKE, free of charge.

Other New Features

  • Added QOD support to QTAKE Lite
  • Added new camera models to project picker
  • LUT effect now automatically sets last used LUT
  • Stream receiver now ignores streams from the same app

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AJA Corvid 88 support
  • Fixed crash with Deltacast cards
  • Fixed ARRI RAW linking error
  • Fixed HEVC encoder error
  • Fixed license UI issues
  • Fixed last shot and next take issues
  • Fixed Chapter name refresh
  • Fixed Curves effect
  • Fixed handling server clips in the LIST
  • Fixed Wipe angle reset
  • Fixed infinite pong loop
  • Fixed editing note while switching clips
  • Fixed custom Unit metadata values
  • Fixed OSD from foreground in the composite
  • Fixed audio logs after disconnecting DisplayPort
  • Fixed handling of stream resolution change
  • Fixed missing machine register button
  • Fixed missing thumbnails on composite clips
  • Fixed NULL camera letters
  • Fixed frame drops on room switching
  • Fixed transcode to 10-bit proxy on import
  • Fixed 10-bit stream decoding
  • Fixed missing crew metadata in the OSD
  • Fixed sync recording stop on video input loss
  • Fixed audio waveform on audio-only files
  • Fixed editing filenames with Show Keyboard mode
  • Fixed AAC decoding errors
  • Fixed recording embedded and sound card audio
  • Fixed unreachable network logs
  • Fixed crash when using custom metadata in OSD
  • Fixed screen recording permission issue


To download QTAKE 1.5.018, contact us or your local reseller.
To access the online user manual, click here.