QTAKE 1.5.016 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.5.016.

New in QTAKE 1.5.016

  • Allowed using system drive as a media storage
  • Added Swap function to Blend composite toolbar
  • Added watermark support to QTAKE Stream input
  • Added app version to media metadata
  • Added client app selector to Cloud Stream Invite
  • Added Episode to Clip toolbar, Roll moved to Data
  • Added poster frame indicator to Time slider
  • Added ALE template to Pipeline write node
  • Monitor color profile is forced only if QOD is used
  • Updated Deltacast libraries

Bug Fixes in QTAKE 1.5.016

  • Fixed UK slating in hard-link filenames
  • Fixed QTAKE stream receiving stop
  • Fixed Show In Finder when using multiple storage volumes
  • Fixed Deltacast SDI audio output for live audio card input
  • Fixed incorrect stream settings in HDx1 and 4Kx1
  • Fixed broken V-OUT long click function
  • Fixed mixing of recorded and proxy media in a sequence
  • Fixed proxy recording issues
  • Fixed issues with Still Mix overlay
  • Fixed Clip Note metadata syncing between inputs
  • Fixed Play Sync playback not starting
  • Fixed recording performance in 10-bit and 12-bit modes
  • Fixed import dialog keyboard behavior
  • Fixed stuttering of non-processed stream
  • Fixed non-processed stream with 10-bit input
  • Fixed non-SDI audio when used in 2nd input
  • Fixed “disk too slow” issue
  • Fixed read-back crash
  • Fixed audio in 6G-SDI output mode
  • Fixed issues with QOD+ reset
  • Fixed handling of clip episode
  • Fixed ignored metadata on import
  • Fixed XML export message
  • Fixed Still Scale input effect
  • Fixed missing AVID range markers


To download QTAKE 1.5.016, contact us or your local reseller.
To access the online user manual, click here.