QTAKE and Livegrade Studio integration

Livegrade Studio 5.3.3 comes with built-in QTAKE integration to provide seamless collaboration between the DITs and video assist operators. DITs can now use the QTAKE system as a multi-channel LUT box to perform live color correction non-destructively. QTAKE operators can record DP’s intended look as metadata, apply it to clean camera output, and instantly distribute graded video signal to all on-set monitors and stream clients.

  • DIT and QTAKE operator can work together interactively
  • Look metadata contains independent CDL and LUT
  • Live grade is updated in real-time in QTAKE
  • QTAKE keeps recorded Looks attached to clips
  • Looks can be tweaked in QTAKE during playback
  • The graded and clean image can be compared at any time
  • Multiple, independent slots are supported
  • QTAKE can use a hardware LUT box for zero delay output

The ultimate on-set color grading

This innovative, non-destructive workflow – currently being used on the Avatar sequels – has tremendous implications. It introduces a completely new approach to on-set color decisions. Unlike the traditional, destructive workflow, where color grading is baked into video signal at DIT’s rig, this new process sends color correction to QTAKE as metadata. QTAKE stores and applies this grading on-the-fly, to allow tweaking during playback, version comparison and sharing color metadata with other units.

QTAKE Livegrade integration



  • QTAKE integration is included in the Livegrade Studio subscription
  • Livegrade integration is included in the QTAKE Base module