QTAKE 1.5.002 and QTAKE Server 2.0.1 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.5.002 and QTAKE Server 2.0.1. If you haven’t yet upgraded to QTAKE 1.5, check the online manual to see what’s new and worth considering.

New in QTAKE 1.5.002

  • Added 3G-SDI RGB support for BMD video cards
  • Added Clip Filter support for QTAKE Server role permissions
  • Added option to override file date of the imported media
  • Added data columns to import clip MATCH table
  • Added error messages to TASKS table
  • Added pipeline export volume check

Bug fixes in QTAKE 1.5.002

  • Fixed clip matching to imported media
  • Fixed stream performance when scrubbing
  • Fixed wrong end timecode in ALE Export
  • Fixed synchronization of shared Smart Bins
  • Fixed pipeline export of subclips
  • Fixed respecting media type on Proxy render
  • Fixed QOD audio output
  • Fixed QOD reconnection over USB
  • Fixed option for background recording
  • Fixed encoder templates in pipeline
  • Fixed UI scaling issues
  • Fixed duplicated frames in render
  • Fixed folders in LUT library
  • Fixed processed output issues
  • Fixed missing live metadata in reference fields
  • Fixed performance issues with metadata entries
  • Fixed server sync performance issues
  • Fixed detection of missing local media
  • Fixed missing properties of transcoded media
  • Fixed match frame in sequences and subclips
  • Fixed copying Episode metadata value
  • Fixed media effects copying
  • Fixed Help sidebar scaling
  • Fixed stuck playback button
  • Fixed failing transcode tasks after restart
  • Fixed rehearsal warning
  • Fixed crash on QuickTime file import
  • Fixed losing output on Deltacast cards
  • Fixed units on metadata reference fields
  • Fixed known stability issues

New in QTAKE Server 2.0.1

  • Improved clip status reporting in Clips tab. “In Progress” while media is being uploaded or downloaded. “Available” if at least one media file is available. “Complete” if all media files are available.
  • Avid AMT3 export
  • Open Link button allows opening project links directly in QTAKE Server

Bug fixes in QTAKE Server 2.0.1

  • Fixed units on referencing fields in PDF report
  • Fixed import via Watch Folders


To download QTAKE 1.5.002 and QTAKE Server 2.0.1 contact us or your local reseller.

Software requirements

See the online QTAKE manual.