QTAKE 1.2.020 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.2.020. This is probably the last 1.2.xxx release before QTAKE 1.3.

New features

  • Added SLATE column to LIST table when using UK slating
  • Updated video card driver requirements
  • Added preference for selecting LTC output source
  • Added video delay settings to Project window
  • Added timecode delay settings to Project window
  • Import clips by dragging XML per clip files to QTAKE dock icon
  • Added support for Deltacast LTC companion card
  • Added new QOD firmware
  • Added manual entry of fractions for F-STOP values
  • Added auto-load user when not auto-loading project
  • Added warning about usage of the UFC firmware on AJA cards
  • Added “Enable_Bonjour_Services” preference
  • Added “Upload_H264_While_Recording” preference
  • Added manual and automatic screen LOCK function
  • Enabled usage of 4 independent QOD outputs with QTAKE HDx2
  • QOD resolution is now saved per project

Bug fixes

  • Fixed known crashes
  • Fixed QOD temperature limits
  • Fixed restoring of LIST settings
  • Fixed SCENE deselection when changing camera in the Browser
  • Fixed SCENE update after EDIT MULTI DATA
  • Fixed disabling PLAY SYNC when one of the views is patched to LIVE
  • Fixed slow response when patching DISK to other camera
  • Fixed live passthrough of the SDI embedded timecode
  • Fixed bad clip filtering in the LIST when using AUTO DISK PATCH
  • Fixed chapter redraw issues
  • Fixed LTC timecode output with AJA Io4K
  • Fixed TAKE refresh when using UK slating
  • Fixed TIMER REC issues
  • Fixed flipping GARBAGE MATTE when using FLIP in 3D TOOLS
  • Fixed video output with singe 4-channel AJA card systems
  • Fixed FCPX export when using 23.976 fps sequences
  • Fixed rendering VIEW 4 when using live in VIEW 1 and 2
  • Fixed adding metadata choices using META window
  • Fixed thumbnails when using LINK option in IMPORT FROM QTAKE
  • Fixed timecode reading from imported PIX recorder clips
  • Fixed issues when recording H264 proxy files
  • Fixed using user emails with new domain names
  • Fixed offspeed playback of imported H264 files
  • Fixed SCENE name truncating in OSD
  • Fixed timecode issues with 23.976 clips
  • Fixed CLIP SYNC settings when switching between SHOOT and COMP rooms
  • Fixed record shortcuts being reset when switching between HDx2 and HDx4
  • Fixed jumping to IN point when changing playback speed
  • Fixed audio offspeed playback
  • Fixed issues with opening some old projects
  • Fixed registering machine in online shop directly from QTAKE
  • Fixed slow scrubbing
  • Fixed IN/OUT points on sync recorded clips with different formats
  • Fixed using imported H264 clips in the sequence
  • Fixed TALKBACK issues from QTAKE to QTAKE Monitor
  • Fixed broken STREAM and V-OUT when using Intel GPU
  • Fixed download of remote files from QTAKE Server
  • Fixed constant playout with PLUS 3D from VIEW 3 and 4
  • Fixed down-converted output from AJA Kona LHi
  • Fixed alignment of PLUS 3D view when using audio meters
  • Fixed reset of TAKE when changing SCENE in UK slating mode
  • Fixed TAKE mismatch in XML Export
  • Fixed RGB input with AJA IoXT
  • Fixed disconnecting remote clients when project is unloaded
  • Fixed disabling of INPUT 1 if INPUT 2 is set to 3Gb format on AJA cards
  • Fixed rendering of sequences
  • Fixed rendering of composites when not using PLAY SYNC
  • Fixed Bonjour update when unloading project
  • Fixed chapter navigation issues
  • Fixed playhead jumps when pausing and resuming playback after recording
  • Fixed 23.976 output with Deltacast cards in Constant Playout mode
  • Fixed REMOTE CONTROL Screenshot and Watermark settings after restart
  • Fixed handling of PSF formats with Deltacast cards
  • Fixed occasional stutter on video output
  • Fixed missing stereo layout in XLM export


To download QTAKE 1.2.020 contact us or your local reseller.

Software requirements

  • OS X: 10.10.5 or later required, 10.11.6 recommended
  • Drivers: AJA 12.4.2, BMD 10.6.5, Deltacast 5.20
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