QTAKE HD 1.1.009 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE HD v1.1.009.

New features

  • Added preference to control time slider color mode (Use_Colored_Time_Slider=1)
  • Added preference for screenshot file format (ScreenShot_File_Format=jpg/png/bmp/gif/jp2/tif)
  • Added control of up to 8 slave systems in QTAKE LITE

Bug fixes

  • Fixed freeze when starting QTAKE without AJA hardware connected
  • Fixed SBS Muxed input with AJA cards
  • Fixed play sync issues when using clips with different timebases
  • Fixed sloppy EDITOR trimming by dragging mouse across the VIEW
  • Fixed genlock issues with AJA IoXT in constant playout mode
  • Fixed HDx1 switching from live to playback in non-constant play out mode
  • Fixed live clip resetting speed after loading or modifying project
  • Fixed setting ROLL from camera when READ SDI DATA is turned off
  • Fixed BMD MiniRecorder would not get INPUT1 format unless INPUT2 was set to same
  • Fixed sequence rendering no audio
  • Fixed system dock would not unhide if using preference Limit_Cursor_To_GUI_Screen=1
  • Fixed rare OSD timeline crash
  • Fixed detecting SD formats when 1080p was selected
  • Fixed displaying SD formats in the RECORD button signal status
  • Fixed refresh of the LIST button when opening CLIP LIST using BROWSE button
  • Fixed saving of MENU LOCK state for each room
  • Fixed Clip_Based_Video_Output_Format issues
  • Fixed handling of No Video Input in HDx1 that would show freeze frame
  • Fixed bug that would disable quit because of “Export In Progress”
  • Fixed playback issues when PreRoll_And_PostRoll_For_PlaySync=1
  • Fixed loosing In/Out markers when browsing between clips
  • Fixed display of STILL MIX button in LITE version
  • Fixed display of RGB CHANNELS button in LITE version
  • Fixed handling duplicate camera letter conflict when using READ SDI DATA
  • Fixed saving of ALL CAMS button state in the CLIP LIST window
  • Fixed set preference Vertical_Sync_Mode=1 by default
  • Fixed correct display of RGB encoded movies in Full Video Range mode
  • Fixed loosing shortcuts after clicking project load pop-up
  • Fixed saving of PLAY ONE / PLAY ALL button state


To download release v1.1.009, contact us or your local dealer.