QTAKE HD 1.1 now available

We are happy to announce release of QTAKE HD v1.1. Despite the tiny number increase, this is a major update!
This update is free, except for the new modules (X4, Studio, COPRA, CGI) and QTAKE Lite.

Important notices

  • The old database is not compatible with the new version, so you should finish your current projects using QTAKE HD v1.0.
  • This installer will not overwrite QTAKE HD v1.0.
  • QTAKE HD v1.1 uses new Applications/QTAKE HD/ folder and new QTAKE HD Projects folder on your media drive.
  • If you already have license file, you will need to copy it from Applications/Qtake/License into Applications/QTAKE HD/License.
  • After running QTAKE HD v1.1 you will also need to edit your Qtake Preferences file located in Applications/QTAKE HD/Prefs.

New QTAKE HD modules and version

X4 Module

Using QTAKE HDx4, you can record and playback 4 Full HD streams. Users of MacPro with 2x Kona3G can upgrade software without the need to purchase new hardware!


New STUDIO Room used for 4 camera live editing. Comes free with X4 module!

COPRA Module

Streaming of H264 Proxy clips with metadata to iPad. Free COPRA iPad client app available in the AppStore.

CGI Module

Realtime rendering of Collada 3D scenes – including stereoscopy. Virtual 3D camera can follow motion control rig.


Most affordable dual camera QTAKE! Raptor killer is finally here.

New features

Custom Metadata

New META View with all clip data in one place. QTAKE HD Database now lets you add custom metadata fields.

AVID Export

In addition to FCP 7 and FCP X, you can now export project to Avid MC.

Background Import

Import clips without interrupting your work.

Still Mixer

Overlay still image with transparency on all Views without Composite Room.

Auto Offset

Tracking start of cameras to each other or to disk playback to allow easy Play Sync.

Sony & Canon Support

Auto-recording now works with Sony and Canon cameras.

Clip FX

Create stacks of clip effects, including reordering and duplicating.

BMD Support

We are rolling out support for selected BlackMagic Design video cards for QTAKE HDx1 and HDx2. For supported BMD cards as well as comparison to AJA cards please check out QTAKE HD User Guide.


To download QTAKE HD v1.1 contact us or your local dealer