QTAKE HD 1.1.015 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE HD v1.1.015.

New features

  • Added automatic resume of interrupted IMPORT after restart
  • Added selected in/out range number (subtake) to TAKE field of the CLIP menu
  • Added display of LIVE Camera Media Filename in the OSD (in brackets)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed NetLink functionality in QTAKE HDx4
  • Fixed record hang after Slow storage or Full storage error
  • Fixed misplaced Chapters and Markers with off-speed clips
  • Fixed possible hang when resetting Markers
  • Fixed Audio Waveform loader slowing down clip loading
  • Fixed Previzion camera positioning data
  • Fixed Videohub preset names using more than two lines
  • Fixed Alexa camera speed read-out
  • Fixed Log messages scroll view clipping lines
  • Fixed Project Duplicate causing unreadable project
  • Fixed no default Sequence in duplicated project
  • Fixed Chapter New/Move button refresh
  • Fixed ClipFX DVE doesn’t respect Muxed clip state
  • Fixed Difference mode in Plus 3D doesn’t switch between BW and Color
  • Fixed Wiggle speed in Plus 3D using View3 and View4
  • Fixed Wiggle in paused playback
  • Fixed Plus 3D mode option refresh when changing rooms
  • Fixed Auto_Load preference now works without enabling Remote Control
  • Fixed Sequences tab in the Browser
  • Fixed Play Sync Reverse hang on loop point
  • Fixed error message when placing In marker on off-speed clips in Play Sync
  • Fixed audio output from video card using Constant Playout
  • Fixed audio mute for video card live passthrough
  • Fixed opening project created with different video card configuration
  • Fixed embedding of the line input audio into SDI output with Constant Playout
  • Fixed update of the camera letter in the PROJECT window after readout from SDI
  • Fixed handling SDI outputs in HDx2 with single video card
  • Fixed Deinterlace upper/lower field Clip FX
  • Fixed Audio Input Level reset after clicking OK in the Project window
  • Fixed applying Camera Media Filename to QTAKE media files in BMD version
  • Fixed applying Camera Media Filename to H264 media files
  • Fixed duplicating project with Private flag


To download release v1.1.015, contact us or your local dealer.