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QTAKE Pro 2.1 is now available

The new QTAKE Pro update introduces several new features and improvements designed to enhance your workflow and productivity. QTAKE Pro 2.1 is available immediately as a free software update for all QTAKE Pro users. Metal Support The completely redesigned under-the-hood engine takes the performance... Read more

Roadmap with feature voting

It has always been important to us to constantly improve QTAKE and to make sure it can support film productions of any type and size. We are now taking it one step further by introducing the public roadmap with feature voting. Try it out!

Introducing QTAKE Pro

Our future-proof platform, built on the latest technologies, with brand new features and new licensing options is now available. Join us to start the next chapter of video assist! New features Native Apple Silicon Support Apple Silicon has brought the next level of performance and thermal... Read more

Welcome 2022 – The year of change

Our commitment to constantly improve QTAKE, to make it the most advanced solution for any kind of production, is stronger than ever. And in 2022 we will start a whole new chapter. Coming March 2022, we will launch QTAKE Pro – our vision of a future-proof tool, built on the latest technologies.... Read more

QTAKE Cloud Stream for PC/Android now available

We are happy to announce the new web browser version of QTAKE Cloud Stream. The web-based stream from QTAKE Cloud features the same ultra-low latency, multi-camera support, frame-based metadata, and other features known from QTAKE Monitor. Web stream opens the first-class streaming experience to PC... Read more