Winners of the “Happy birthday QTAKE HD” contest

We’re ready to announce the winners of the “Happy birthday QTAKE HD” contest.

On February 17th we celebrated our 5th anniversary and challenged you to guess to which country we sold our first QTAKE HD license ever.
We received over 40 answers, 7 of them were correct. Although most of you thought the country was USA, it was: SLOVAKIA.

Back in February 2009, Vlado showed an internal build to a Slovak director/TV producer Jeffo. He was so excited, he wanted to buy a license right in that moment. However QTAKE HD wasn’t ready for the market yet, it required several more months of work. But Jeffo called Vlado on the next day, said he couldn’t sleep and insisted on buying one. QTAKE HD only had a database, recorded two HD streams and could do a realtime chroma key, but that was our first license ever sold.

Here are the lucky winners:
1. Nikolai, Russia
2. Phillippe, USA
3. Garie, Australia

Congratulations! We will reach out to you via email to arrange the licensing.

Others don’t despair.
We will have another contest this year for sure. Stay tuned!