QTAKE HD 1.1.081 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE HD v1.1.081.

Important notice

While we have managed to find a workaround for most of the Mavericks issues, there are still some memory leaks that Apple needs to fix. If you are already using Mavericks and can not roll back to Mountain Lion, please restart QTAKE HD application after few hours of usage.

New features

  • Improved image processing performance
  • Added simple Chroma Key to Still Mix view effect
  • Added image size match to Still Mix view effect
  • Added image crop to Still Mix view effect
  • Smart TAKE increment (finds the last take or rehearsal for scene/shot)
  • Independent Clip Sync and Play Sync for each Composite
  • Added Chapters to XML Export
  • Frame counter now counts from IN mark
  • Added remote Record and Chapter commands
  • Added multichannel recording for external audio cards

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when exporting clips with LUT
  • Fixed crash with invalid timecode
  • Fixed GPI triggering for moved Chapters
  • Fixed missing clips in Browser after clearing SCENE
  • Fixed Dual View in Plus 3D
  • Fixed refresh of Composite with paused video
  • Fixed refresh of OSD duration with off-speed clips
  • Fixed Auto Mute Live in HDx2
  • Fixed navigation to next IN/OUT range with Play Sync
  • Fixed auto recording with second input of Decklink Quad
  • Fixed inherited Clip FX in rendered or imported clips
  • Fixed input peak meters for some audio cards
  • Fixed Trackpad Jog
  • Fixed SDI audio output from Editor
  • Fixed sending incorrect metadata to QTAKE Monitor


To download release v1.1.081, contact us or your local dealer.

Software requirements

  • AJA Kona 3G and Kona LHi require driver version 10.4.5, AJA IoXT requires driver version 10.4.9
  • Blackmagic Design video cards (Decklink Duo, Decklink Quad, Mini Recorder, Ultrastudio Express) require driver version 9.9.3