QTAKE 1.5, QTAKE Server 2.0 and QTAKE Monitor 4.0 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.5, QTAKE Server 2.0 and QTAKE Monitor 4.0. It took us some extra weeks, but it was neccessary to launch all three applications at the same time, so here they come!

Important notice for QTAKE Monitor users

QTAKE Monitor 4 is backwards compatible with all versions of QTAKE’s STREAM module, but not with QTAKE Server. For independent playback using QTAKE Server, a combination of QTAKE 1.5, QTAKE Server 2.0 and QTAKE Monitor 4.0 is required. Users who wish to complete their current projects using QTAKE 1.4 and QTAKE Server 1.5 should download QTAKE Monitor 3 via TestFlight as QTAKE Monitor Beta. Please note QTAKE Monitor 3 will only be available until April, 2020.

New in QTAKE 1.5

  • Single application for all camera versions
  • Automatic updates over the internet
  • ACES Color Management System
  • New RAW module with support for ARRI, SONY, RED, CANON and DMG
  • RAW image playback with caching
  • Import clip matching based on CMF or timecode
  • Automatic and manual audio syncing
  • PIPELINE image processing
  • Automatic file export using Smart Bins
  • LIST sidebar with new filters
  • META sidebar SYNC, SPAN and SOURCE columns
  • ALE metadata import and export mapping
  • Live camera iPhone tracking for VR and CGI
  • New Color Chart, LUT Mixer and Film grain effects
  • Learn more

New in QTAKE Server 2.0

  • Requires QTAKE 1.5 and QTAKE Monitor 4.0 or later
  • Two-factor authentication with QTAKE Cloud
  • No password management – user authentication via QTAKE Cloud instead of passwords
  • Per-device approval and settings (screenshot, watermark, download permissions)

New in QTAKE Monitor 4.0

  • QTAKE Monitor 4 is compatible with all versions of QTAKE Stream
  • For independent playback, QTAKE 1.5 and QTAKE Server 2.0 are required
  • Clip recording using ScreenPort SDI and the built-in camera with upload to QTAKE Server
  • User in-out ranges with notes and drawing
  • Remote control of QTAKE
  • New CLIP and MONITOR modes replace MONITOR, LIVE, and DISK
  • Vertical split view browser mode (long-press or force-press the BROWSE button)
  • Clip grouping and sorting in the browser
  • Metadata sidebar in the browser
  • Metadata field reordering (requires role permission to add fields)

Known issues

MacBook Pro 16”with QOD+

Please note the new MBP 16’’ is not yet compatible with our QOD/QOD+. Please hold off with the purchase until further notice. We have pinpointed the cause and are working on a fix.

Software requirements

See the online QTAKE manual.


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