QTAKE 1.5.022 now available

Please update your installations.

QTAKE Cloud System Update

Scheduled maintenance has been successfully completed on Sunday, May 23, 2021. Following the update, QTAKE 1.5.016 or later is now required to use QTAKE Cloud Stream. To further improve our cloud infrastructure, another update will be rolled out within 3 months. After the second update, QTAKE 1.5.022 or later will be required for QTAKE Cloud streaming.

New Features

  • Updated NDI libraries
  • Added packet loss correction for cloud and local streams
  • Added storing of ACES ODTs per project
  • Added CDL import from ALE
  • Added Unit and Shoot Day import matcher filtering
  • Added approval dialog when turning off streaming
  • Added sorting of volumes by free space
  • Added system drive fill-up prevention
  • Added support for Shoot Day prefix
  • Added support for leading zeroes for Take metadata
  • Added media summary and clip ranges to PDF Report

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed NDI crash
  • Fixed crash with H.264 encoding
  • Fixed missing ranges after importing new media
  • Fixed audio input using multiple devices
  • Fixed missing thumbnail indicator in Slider 2
  • Fixed AJA RGB input
  • Fixed image height on some imported media files
  • Fixed wrong Color Space assigned to Proxy media
  • Fixed missing Camera Operator in the OSD
  • Fixed importing Rating and Circle Take from ALE
  • Fixed blurry proxy media pipeline renders
  • Fixed QTAKE Cloud connection status
  • Fixed network unreachable
  • Fixed stream disconnection in QTAKE
  • Fixed playback sync with pre-roll/post-roll timeline
  • Fixed patch stuck in DISK mode
  • Fixed recording chapters with FaceTime camera input
  • Fixed creating subclips during recording
  • Fixed handling of input format change during recording
  • Fixed downloading ProRes media and LUTs from QTAKE Server
  • Fixed update of the license window
  • Fixed export to internal media overwriting previous export
  • Fixed issues with talkback when using system audio device
  • Fixed highlight clipping in ACES
  • Fixed scrambled image with AVID MXF export
  • Fixed missing on-screen keyboard in Network Settings
  • Fixed audio input delay when using NDI output
  • Fixed loading correct clip when using master/slave mode
  • Fixed pipeline export getting stuck or failing to finish
  • Fixed irregular proxy media frame durations


To download QTAKE 1.5.022, contact us or your local reseller.
To access the online user manual, click here.