QTAKE 1.2 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.2.

New features

Full 64-bit support

Major feature of this version is the full 64-bit support, which solves stability issues caused by low memory in previous 32-bit versions of QTAKE. But there’s more!

QTAKE Server support

New QTAKE 1.2 brings support for our metadata collaboration system specialized for on-set use with iOS devices. QTAKE Server provides project synchronization across multiple units, live streaming to remote location, four camera playback on iPad, custom metadata fields, impressive clip organizing with smart collections and many more amazing features.

AJA Kumo integration

In addition to BMD Videohub, QTAKE 1.2 supports AJA Kumo SDI routers and the detection of video router IP address. Videohub menu now lets you to create groups of outputs and use 10 presets for each group.

Video cards support

We have added support for AJA Io4K, AJA Kona4 and the whole family of Deltacast SDI cards. For users of QTAKE 4K, we have added support for BMD Ultrastudio 4K, full-duplex video card from BMD that allows live 4K processing with a single card.

Camera metadata improvements

In addition to Camera Media Filename and many other camera settings, QTAKE can now read Focus, Iris and Zoom from selected lenses when using ARRI Alexa or SONY F55/F65 cameras.

QOD integration

New QTAKE 1.2 brings full USB control of QTAKE Output Device. QOD is the ultimate output hardware that provides four low latency SDI outputs.

GPU OUT improvements

Redesigned GPU OUT feature allows you to create multi-view output layouts and adds new Anamorphic mode that will crop each view to 21:9 format to allow incredible 4 camera viewing experience with a single vertically placed monitor.

STREAM module

New Remote Control window allows you to display watermark for each QTAKE Monitor client. New Force Talkback checkbox lets you turn on iPad talkback directly from QTAKE.

Focus Peaking feature

In addition to realtime Waveform, Vectorscope, Histogram and False Color, we have added Focus Peaking mode to our popular SCOPES module. New Source mode provides analysis of video signal before applying QTAKE image processing.

Use Range feature

This new handy checkbox in the Slider menu will temporarily disable multiple in/out points and allow you to playback any part of take, without loosing selected ranges.

Play Sync improvements

We have added Plus and Minus buttons next to Play Sync offsets to allow easy frame adjustment of the sync point, without the need to disable Play Sync mode.

Scene menu

This new menu provides easy browsing through Scenes and Shots. It allows you to load previous or next Scene or Shot with a single click.

Audio Delay control

In addition to independent audio recording delay for each video input, you can now set different delay for live audio and disk audio outputs.

Dual Composite feature

Users of QTAKE HDx4 can now perform realtime output of two dual-layer composites. This means you can create live green-screen key for two cameras or full resolution 3D Stereo composite.

Studio Room improvements

Live editing in the Studio room now supports up to 16 cameras using four MD-QUAD devices with QTAKE HDx4. You can now send your live cut to Edit room for further adjustments.

Prefs menu

New PREFS Window allows you to change QTAKE Preferences in GUI, so there is no need to edit text file directly. Preferences that can’t be applied in the current session will initiate automatic restart of the QTAKE application.


To download release 1.2 contact us or your local dealer.


Please note QTAKE 1.2 is NOT COMPATIBLE with QTAKE HD 1.1.xxx. It uses new database structure that provides integration with QTAKE Server. QTAKE 1.2 uses new Applications/QTAKE folder to avoid conflicts with 32-bit version that is located in Applications/QTAKE HD folder.

Software requirements

Recommended OS X: Yosemite 10.10.3 or higher
Recommended AJA drivers: AJA 12.2.1
Recommended BMD drivers: BMD 10.4.1
Recommended Deltacast drivers: VideoMasterHD redist v517