4-cam QTAKE HD supports Matrox Multi I/O cards

IN2CORE announced launch of 4-cam version of QTAKE HD. Thanks to advanced video cards like Matrox® MultiTM-Ingest and Multi-Playback, QTAKE HDx4 can record and playback 4 cameras in full HD.

“We have cooperated closely with Matrox to allow integration with our software and it paid off.” said Vlado Struhar, director of IN2CORE. “One of the biggest benefits of Matrox Multi-Ingest card is, that it streams video even during signal loss. This ensures audio/video synchronization of unstable signal such as wireless camera feed.” said Wayne Andrews, senior product manager at Matrox.

Another benefit of using QTAKE HDx4 with Matrox Multi-Ingest is that the card has four inputs and each input can have a different resolution. Additionally, it supports SDI ancillary data so that QTAKE HDx4 is able to read metadata from digital cinema cameras such as ARRI Alexa.


Beta-version of QTAKE HDx4 was already successfully tested in the field on selected projects, amongst others also on Die Hard 5. QTAKE HDx4 can be pre-ordered now and will be available starting Q4/2012.

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