New Security Practice in QTAKE Monitor 4.6.3

As part of our commitment to protect user content from the moment of its creation, we are continually enhancing and refining security protocols to comply with the latest security standards. In 2024, allowing unauthenticated access to content is considered security malpractice. In addition to issues such as trivial impersonation, it has rendered our watermarks less useful, because they contained names such as “Production iPad 4”.

Therefore, starting with version 4.6.3, QTAKE Monitor will require user authentication not only for QTAKE Cloud Stream but also for local, on-set QTAKE Stream.

User Authentication

Users are authenticated by logging in with a QTAKE ID, which is a free user account used across the ecosystem of QTAKE apps. Mandatory information required to set up a QTAKE ID is email and password. No additional information is required to get started.

On-Set Streaming and Offline Use

Users are only required to log in one time. After a successful login, a user token signed by QTAKE Cloud is stored on the user’s device to confirm the user’s identity to QTAKE. This allows the users to continue using QTAKE Monitor without an internet connection once signed in. For a smooth experience, users can log in before coming to set, which is especially useful when shooting in a remote location.