Groundbreaking Live 3D Streaming to Apple Vision Pro at NAB 2024

We’re thrilled to announce Live 3D Stream in QTAKE Monitor, making it the first in the industry capable of live stereoscopic streaming to Apple Vision Pro.

QTAKE has offered unique stereoscopy support with industry-standard 3D output in live or playback mode for many years. The Apple Vision Pro device presents an amazing opportunity for on-set monitoring, especially in an environment with space and lighting constraints. The advanced technology of Apple Vision Pro opens new possibilities and turns this device into a personal 3D monitor with an unrivaled viewing experience.

While other solutions offer 3D playback compatibility with Apple Vision Pro, QTAKE Monitor stands alone in its ability to stream live 3D content directly to this device. This ability opens up unprecedented possibilities for filmmakers, allowing them to view and interact with stereoscopic content in real time, making critical decisions on set more efficiently than ever before.

Key features of Live 3D Stream:

  • Multi-view 2D and 3D
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Resolution of up to 4K

Live 3D Stream to Apple Vision Pro is currently available in a beta version. The official release will be announced soon. Subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and be the first to know.

Visit us at #C4150

NAB 2024 visitors can get an exclusive preview of Live 3D Stream at booth #C4150 QTAKE/Ovide. Apart from this new feature, QTAKE will also demo:

  • The latest official QTAKE Pro 2.2 release, including the set of industry-first features: The Ultimate Dolby Vision® Workflow, Forensic Watermarking, and other innovations redefining the standards of video assist.
  • Preview of the upcoming features such as Script Coverage, High Frame Rate support and improved Metadata Export.
  • Preview of the new QTAKE output device – ThunderFace 4K Duo.

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