QTAKE HD 1.1.052 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE HD v1.1.052.

New features

  • Added ATOMOS filename parsing
  • Added Streaming from both views in HDx1
  • Added Force V-OUT from view in HDx1 (Force_Video_Out_From_View=0, 1, 2)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed PDF export with clips missing Camera letter
  • Fixed unapproved streaming clients would not reappear in REMOTE menu
  • Fixed black frames when scrubbing with Use_Full_Range_Video=1
  • Fixed Auto-patching on playback with different camera letters in Live and Disk
  • Fixed H.264 file creation
  • General performance improvements with Mac Mini
  • General stability improvements with streaming


To download release v1.1.052, contact us or your local dealer.