QTAKE HD 1.1.045 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE HD v1.1.045.

New features

  • Added View streaming to iPad/iPhone using STREAM module
  • Added OSX 10.9 Mavericks compatibility
  • Added Dual View to Plus 3D output
  • Added Plus 3D option to Video card output
  • Added CDL direct control (power, offset, slope)
  • Added Tangent surface control for CDL Saturation
  • Added new dongle driver to installer
  • Added Video Range clip effect
  • Added Film Style Scene sorting (number first, then prefix) to Prefs
  • Added Demux H264 Proxy option to Prefs
  • Added Crash reporter

Bug fixes

  • Fixed recording crash with hidden application
  • Fixed distorted audio output
  • Fixed navigating between in/out marks
  • Fixed pause when adding chapter during playback
  • Fixed chapter moving
  • Fixed H264 proxy audio issues
  • Fixed H264 proxy missing timecode track
  • Fixed H264 proxy render in/out
  • Fixed H264 color issues
  • Fixed Browser opening issues
  • Fixed Tangent Element issues
  • Fixed muxed input with HDx1
  • Fixed LUT parsing
  • Fixed Scopes refresh with paused frame
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts issues
  • Fixed XML per clip export issues
  • Fixed Import issues
  • Fixed CDL clip effect issues
  • Fixed CDL thumbnails in 10bit mode
  • Fixed navigating sequence using next and previous cut
  • Fixed Ramp interface issues
  • Fixed Ramp in/out markers
  • Fixed Vertical grid storing to project data
  • Fixed muxed input with Kona3G Quad
  • Fixed re-detection of signal with BMD cards
  • Fixed switch to free genlock when no input in Constant Playout
  • Fixed Upscale 1080 with AJA Kona 3G Quad
  • Fixed demuxed thumbnails of FSBS clips
  • Fixed Remote Control for View3 and View4
  • Fixed PDF Report pagination
  • Fixed missing Camera Media Filename in FCP XML
  • Fixed camera letter issues
  • Fixed numerous user interface issues


To download release v1.1.045, contact us or your local dealer.