QTAKE HD 1.0.710 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE HD v1.0.710.

New features

40×40 Videohub Support

This version will detect, route and store presets for up to 40 inputs/outputs on BMD Videohub.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed possible crash when changing camera letter.
  • Fixed Garbage Matte issues in View2 of QTAKE HDx1.
  • Fixed update of HIT values on QTAKE 3D CONTROL app.
  • Fixed possible crashed with Alexa metadata readout.
  • Fixed possible freeze with slow encoding/storage pop-ups.
  • Fixed subclip issues.
  • Fixed Dual Link input for IoXT.


To download release v1.0.710, contact us or your local dealer.


This may be the last update to version 1.0. We are planning to release QTAKE HD version 1.1 in June 2013. Since v1.1 will not be compatible with current 1.0.7xx version we recommend finishing your projects with this build.