QTAKE HD 1.0.705 available for download

We are happy to announce immediate availability of QTAKE HD v1.0.705, which is a free upgrade to all users.

Hardware info

As you know, Apple has introduced lots of new hardware this year. Unfortunately the main focus was on decreasing the size, much less on improving performance. That means 12-core MacPro with ATI 5870 GPU is still the most powerful platform for full-featured QTAKE HDx2 system. Next generation MacPro is expected to come in 2013. Currently, the most interesting portable platform is the 15″ MacBook Pro. We recommend using non-Retina model, since it has the same CPU and GPU, but doesn’t need to waste graphics performance to push 4x more pixels for the main screen. We will be testing new MacMini and iMac soon. Please visit QTAKE HD forum to find out more.

Please note that we are dropping support for AJA IoHD. This video card is not able to provide support for advanced features of QTAKE HD. Last official QTAKE HD release to support AJA IoHD is version 1.0.701.

New features

3G-SDI 444 RGB Capture

Until now, QTAKE HD offered 3G SDI input support to allow capture of 1080p50/p60 422 signal. This version introduces standard speed 444 signal capture for systems with Kona3G and IoXT. In order to capture true RGB, you should set codec to Apple ProRes 4444 or Apple None.

External Audio Card support

In addition to Mac Line Input, you can now use any external audio card with Core Audio OSX driver to capture analog audio. This version also supports Constant Playout of the analog audio, which means it will be embedded on processed SDI output.

Editable Text Fields with Keywords

If you disable Visual Keyboard by setting SHOW KEYS Option to NO, you can use mouse pointer to directly select text in the text fields. You can also cut, copy and paste selected content of the fields by using standard keyboard shortcuts or right click context menu. Selected part of text can be stored as one of 20 custom keywords for later use. With some numeric fields you can store up to 9 custom values. Keywords are also available in Visual Keyboard. Short click keyword buttons to use text, long click to store it.

Export to FCP X

Export to Final Cut Pro X is now supported in addition to Final Cut Pro 7. Just select correct version in the FCP Export window.

LTC Timecode Output

We have enabled LTC Timecode output from Kona3G, IoXT and IoExpress.

GPI Output Trigger for Chapters

For Chapters 1 to 5 you can set GPI Output Trigger in each VIEW.

3D Rig Data from Stereolabs PURE

QTAKE HD can now read 3D meta-data from Stereolabs PURE system, in addition to 3ALITY SIP. More info in the User Guide.

3D Hit control using C-Motion

Use C-Motion hand controller to control HIT. More info in the User Guide.

KEY ONLY option in Garbage Matte

Garbage Matte is a very powerful tool, used to eliminate unwanted portions of the image. KEY ONLY Option allows you to use Garbage Matte to define the part of the image that should be used in Green-screen Keying effect. Other part of the image will be composited without being affected by keyer.In addition, ZOOM Menu now allows you move the zoomed image, so you can create more precise matte.


When using Full Range Video preference, images in the GUI appear flat, because they are showing super-blacks and super-whites in the visible RGB range. In order to see the images in legal range, set the FULL RANGE GUI Option to NO.


Composite result in VIEW2 will usually generate video stream with higher fps, because it can be blending two out-of-sync sources. This is not a problem when using GPU OUT at 60Hz. However, if you’re using Processed Video Card output (using Constant Playout mode), you should set this option to YES.


Use this option to automatically create PLAY SYNC OFFSET when recording two cameras without RECORD SYNC or when playing background and recording foreground in Composite. More info in the User Guide.


Until now, DVE effect was VIEW based. Now you can have different DVE settings for each clip using CLIP FX.

SPLIT Button in EDIT Menu

SPLIT Button will allow you to split the sequence clip into two parts, by using play head position as the split point. In addition, you can navigate through cuts using UP and DOWN arrow keys.

Abort on Slow Recording

If your CPU is slow for encoding or your storage is underperforming, QTAKE HD will stop recording to avoid dropped frames. Setting this new preference to zero will force QTAKE HD to keep on recording.

Separate Reset of IN/OUT marks

Long click IN or OUT Button to reset only IN or OUT mark.

No Input Screen

No Input Detected screen will now show correct camera letter based on clip data.

SDI Camera Tracking Data

We have implemented recording, displaying and playout of the SDI embedded camera positioning data. Check out Previzion system to learn more about camera tracking systems.

Retina support

Despite recommending non-Retina MacBook Pro, because of higher performance, we have implemented support for double screen resolution.

Bug fixes

  • Ramp speed fixed
  • Net Link bugs fixed
  • Force Sync 3D fixed
  • Touchscreen GUI issues fixed
  • OSD Duration in LIVE fixed
  • Improved 3 output GPU support
  • Handling of the storage ejection
  • Clip List Box scrolling fixed
  • Chroma Key Color Picker fixed
  • Eula Confirmation fixed


To download release v1.0.705, contact us or your local dealer.
After installation, please check out User Guide located in Applications/Qtake/Docs folder.