The new 64-bit QTAKE HD is coming!

For the past 10 months we have been focused on developing new 64-bit QTAKE, which will carry version number 1.2. Major new feature of this version will be integration with QTAKE Server, which is the next big step in the world of Video Assist. In addition to synchronizing multiple QTAKE systems, QTAKE Server provides independent client playback and amazing metadata collaboration.

So how should you prepare for the new 64-bit QTAKE HD 1.2?

  • You can use your existing hardware, but if you’re still running OS X 10.8 or lower, you will need to update to OS X 10.10.
  • Also please note that QTAKE 1.2 will NOT be compatible with current QTAKE 1.1. After installing new QTAKE, you will still be able to use old version to finish your projects. But you won’t be able to share those project with new version. Reason for this is the complete overhaul of the database, which is now designed for custom user metadata required by QTAKE Server workflow.

Today we will release one of the last updates to the current 32-bit version.

  • It brings many bug fixes, improved stability and support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite – so you can get ready for QTAKE 1.2. Yosemite compatible dongle driver is included in the QTAKE Installer.
  • If you are already running 64bit QTAKE version 1.1.9xx, you don’t need to install this update.