Introducing QTAKE Pro

Our future-proof platform, built on the latest technologies, with brand new features and new licensing options is now available.
Join us to start the next chapter of video assist!

QTAKE Pro 2.0 is now available

New features

Native Apple Silicon Support

Apple Silicon has brought the next level of performance and thermal management to Mac computers. With QTAKE Pro, which runs natively on M1 Mac computers using universal-binary code, this new powerful platform can be used to its full extent, dismissing limitations imposed by previous architecture.

Instant Playback

All video assist operators know how frustrating it is to wait for the camera to cut in order to provide playback. Not any more! With the Instant Playback feature, you can start playback as soon as the director asks for it, even if the camera is still rolling. QTAKE will record the rest of the take in the background so you can have edit-ready proxy files exactly matching the camera recording, including off-speed shots up to 60 fps. Learn how to set up Instant Playback.

Single Sign-on via SAML 2.0

QTAKE Pro includes support for single sign-on via the SAML protocol, allowing productions to create QTAKE Cloud accounts for QTAKE Pro operators from their central account management system. This removes the need for manual account registration and activation, while simultaneously giving productions more control over the accounts used to access confidential content. To participate in the program, administrators should create a support ticket. Because QTAKE Cloud is part of the Okta Integration Network, productions using Okta can benefit from a more streamlined setup process.

Blackmagic RAW

Working towards our goal of expanding the QTAKE ecosystem beyond the realm of video assist, we are adding support for Blackmagic RAW media to the existing fleet of supported camera formats from ARRI, Canon, RED, and Sony. This will allow you to effortlessly create on-set dailies from increasingly popular Blackmagic Design cameras as well as to render the highest quality proxy media for remote collaboration through QTAKE Cloud or Moxion.

New licensing

Streaming to Unlimited Number of Clients

The most popular PRO module is now included with every streaming QTAKE license, including QTAKE Live. Whether it is local network streaming, using wired and wireless infrastructure, or QTAKE Cloud Stream providing a true remote video village experience over the internet, there is no limit on the number of clients.

Custom Bundle Discounts

Unlike previous versions of QTAKE, where discounted bundles were locked to a specific set of modules, customers can now create any combination of modules and each additional module will lower the price of the bundle by 5% up to a total of 30%.

License Activation & Deactivation

Each license for QTAKE Pro 2.0 is created in the online shop using the New Rental page, whether it is a paid rental or a free one created from your license pool. However, instead of specifying a machine, you will now select operators who can activate the license. License activation is done directly in the QTAKE Pro application, in order to avoid any misconfiguration. Each license can be deactivated at any time to provide seamless transfer to another computer, effectively replacing USB dongles.

Long-term Rentals

In addition to daily, weekly and monthly rates available in the QTAKE Rental Shop, new 1-year, and 3-year license options are available. Please contact your reseller for more information about the convenient long-term rental plans and discounts for customers with multiple licenses.

Helpful resources for QTAKE Pro operators

  • Check the software and hardware requirements before installation.
  • Download links to QTAKE Pro and QTAKE Pro NFR (demo) version are available on the QTAKE Rental Shop’s dashboard. Please note that QTAKE Lite is no more a standalone application but can be accessed by switching to the correct version.
  • Migration of a project from QTAKE 1.6 to QTAKE Pro is possible, but please follow the recommendations.
  • Learn how to rent a short-term QTAKE Pro license. Instead of specifying a machine, you will now select operators who can activate the license.