Welcome 2022 – The year of change

QTAKE Pro is coming

Our commitment to constantly improve QTAKE, to make it the most advanced solution for any kind of production, is stronger than ever. And in 2022 we will start a whole new chapter. Coming March 2022, we will launch QTAKE Pro – our vision of a future-proof tool, built on the latest technologies. New QTAKE, new features, new licensing options, user-driven product development. We have a lot of exciting plans and we will bring them to life during & beyond 2022.

Coming in QTAKE Pro

  • All future major updates included for free
  • Native Apple Silicon (M1) support
  • Unlimited streaming – PRO included in STREAM
  • Improved HDR support
  • SAML integration
  • License activation/deactivation
  • New 1y and 3y rental options via dealers
  • Custom bundles
  • Metal support
  • Monthly webinars / Q&As
  • Public roadmap with features voting
  • Priority tech support
  • … and more


✅ What changes for a customer who owns a permanent license?

See our FAQs for permanent license owners (dongle-locked, virtual with/without blank dongle).

✅ What changes for a customer who makes short-terms rentals through the Shop?

Technically not much, all short-term rentals will be available as usual. But starting March 2022 you will get a lot more with every rental – see QTAKE Pro features. Also, if you use QTAKE for more than 4 months each year, you may want to consider getting some of the new 1y/3y rental plans to optimize the costs. For example, the monthly rate for the BASE module is $490, the 1y rental rate is $1,960 (= $164 monthly) and the 3y rental rate is $4,900 (=$137 monthly). The 3y rental rate is also available under the rent-to-own financing model.

✅ What changes for a customer with an ongoing rent-to-own (RTO) plan?

Customer support or your reseller will contact you to explain the options.

✅ Will all announced QTAKE Pro features be ready in March 2022?

  • Features ready for launch in March 2022: All updates included in the price of the rental, 1y and 3y rental rates available, License activation & deactivation, Native Apple Silicon (M1) support, Unlimited streaming (free PRO in STREAM), SAML integration, Custom bundles, Discontinuing permanent licenses and dongles.
  • Features to be added during 2022: Metal support, Improved HDR support, Priority tech support, Monthly webinars / Q&As, Public roadmap /w features voting and many more.

✅ Is it still possible to buy a permanent license?

Permanent licenses will only be available for sale until March 2022 (exact date to be confirmed). Starting March 2022, the permanent licenses will be discontinued. If you prefer a permanent license with the current feature set, it’s the last call to get one.

✅ How will the 1y/3y rental plan of a Pro license work?

Start with placing an order with your reseller. Once the payment is sorted out, we will activate the rental plan as a virtual license in the Rental Shop, available under the rental account you specify. You will then be able to make free orders consisting of the rented modules/bundles.

✅ Does the new Pro licensing affect other products, such as QTAKE Server?

No. Only QTAKE Video Assist is part of the Pro change.

✅ I still have some questions…

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.