New release 1.1.121 available for download

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Dear QTAKE HD friends.

New release of QTAKE HD is now available for download.
To download release 1.1.121 contact your dealer or request the links at


  • Fixed Alexa SDI metadata readout for SUP 11.0.1
  • Fixed Fake SBS 3D mode
  • Fixed crash when using DVE on Nvidia GPUs
  • Fixed Alternative Texture Upload
  • Fixed AES audio sync issues


  • This is a standard 32-bit QTAKE HD release. If you are a QTAKE Server or QOD user, please skip this update.
  • For a smooth transition from your current version to 1.1.121, read installation instructions carefully.
  • Recommended OS X: 10.10.2 Yosemite
  • Recommended drivers: AJA Driver 10.6.1, BMD Driver 10.3.5.


Please contact your dealer or IN2CORE’s tech support.