QTAKE HD at IBC 2014 – #11.A73

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Dear QTAKE HD friends.
We invite you to visit QTAKE HD/OVIDE Smart Assist booth #11.A73 during IBC 2014 at RAI Amsterdam, September 12 – September 16, 2014.
New products presented at IBC 2014:

QOD – the ultimate output device for QTAKE HD users
Enables up to 4 independent SDI outputs, with low latency of just 1 frame. Delivers smooth, jitter-free video in true 24/25 fps. Multichanel audio and timecode embedded.

QTAKE SERVER – metadata collaboration system
Independent playback and metadata editing just seconds after the take has been shot. Local on-set use or it can run in the cloud to provide secure worldwide access.

If you want to arrange a demo session, please email demo@in2core.com.
If you need a free pass, follow this link and use code 13495.
If you want to have a chat or drink with Vlado and Lars, go to #11.A73!