Visit us at BSC EXPO 2023 – booth #122

Join us in London, UK from Feb 24 – Feb 25, 2023 for a friendly chat about the fresh and upcoming releases.

What’s featured

  • Preview of the upcoming QTAKE Pro 2.1 release
  • Camera-to-cloud workflow powered by QTAKE
  • Exclusive preview of the new ScreenPort SDI Pro device
  • Dolby Vision® Live, Playback & Export
  • and more…

Our booth #122 with Ovide is in the same location as last year.
Visitor passes are free, register now to avoid queues!

BSC EXPO special

Don’t forget about our special and enjoy a 10% discount on all paid-in-full 3y rental plans of QTAKE Pro.
The offer is valid on orders placed before March 11, 2023.