QTAKE 1.5.010 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.5.010.

New in QTAKE 1.5.010

Customizable OSD

Welcome the new OSD view effect which provides a realtime display of any clip, crew or project metadata. It uses the same templates as the Burn-In effect found in QTAKE’s unique pipeline rendering engine, to allow efficient interoperability between live processing, playback and export.

New OSD QTAKE Video Assist

Improved Streaming Setup

Streaming UI has got new GROUP functionality which allows you to control multiple clients using a single streaming slot. Additionally, you can now enable or disable stream views per client to send only specific view to the agency, while streaming all other views to your crew.

Stream Setup - Groups - QTAKE Video Assist

Other New Features in QTAKE 1.5.010

  • Added stream client connection logs
  • Added stereo option to AAC audio export
  • Added AVID markers to ALE export
  • Added media type selector to ALE export
  • Added warnings when running out of stream data
  • Improved file import and matching performance
  • Improved ALE import performance

Bug Fixes in QTAKE 1.5.010

  • Fixed crash with speed ramping
  • Fixed crash with ARRI RAW import
  • Fixed memory leak with Codex HDE
  • Fixed CMF extraction from Sony RAW MXF
  • Fixed possible crash when rendering CDL
  • Fixed crash with FX history
  • Fixed AVID media export issues
  • Fixed Contrast Curve effect in RGB mode
  • Fixed OVIDE SmartAssist audio in macOS 10.15
  • Fixed LUT coming from Live Grade Pro
  • Fixed long project loading times
  • Fixed AJA IoXT audio issues
  • Fixed AAC audio in M4V export
  • Fixed refresh of custom aspect MASK
  • Fixed 4K input with BMD video cards
  • Fixed LITE version showing trial watermark in view 2
  • Fixed missing media after XML export/import
  • Fixed memory leak with streaming
  • Fixed inability to change live camera letter
  • Fixes issues with clip range groups
  • Fixed issues with NDI audio
  • Fixed aborted record saving clip
  • Fixed QOD connection when plugging in USB device
  • Fixed frame recording
  • Fixed issue with stuck pipeline export
  • Fixed cloud streaming view 2 from HDx1
  • Fixed thumbnails issues
  • Fixed known stability issues


To download QTAKE 1.5.010/QTAKE Lite 1.5.010 installer, contact us or your local reseller.
To access the online user manual, click here.